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  • Although it is the biggest company in the industry, it doesnt mean it is a threat for Indes.
  • The company Indes might want to expand their sales in the same market, so in the biking industry.
  • Besides the fact to find investors, Indes should think of a company to collaborate on this project.
  • Indes - the company.
  • Indentifying and analyzing the industry Indes is currently operating in with its electric kits.
  • Identifying other possible business applications for the electronic kit from Indes.
  • Indes is not even on this website, because its size is too small.
  • The biggest company is Eur.
  • It might be that Indes is too small to work on this project by itself.
  • To make sure that Indes can sell the project, it has to think of its profit margin.



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