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  • Todays business and IT news, blog entries and articles recognize Apples advantage over Microsoft.
  • According to these data, Apples gadgets are the most demanding on the market.
  • Both companies were founded in the 1970, and since those days it is the first time when Apple wins.
  • Apple has gone through several ups and downs since its early days until present.
  • The following points demonstrates the vicious learning circles applied on Apple Inc.
  • Also to try to make up the great loss they had by the Apple 3 computers.
  • The way LISA was designed was based on deep analysis for the market needs.
  • However that creation of such a new idea was not sufficient due to the pricing problems apple had.
  • Since 1998 Microsoft has been doing changes, not very big, but on regular basis, but look at Apple.
  • Looking at Apples diagram we can see big ups and downs while experiencing new things.



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