Kompaniya Tata na Rossiyskom rynke avtomobilestroeniya v perspektive - реферат по английскому языку



  • Tata Finance, in which Tata Motors held a 12% stake, has merged with Tata Motors.
  • Tata Motors, a Company that cares about the future.
  • Tata Motors believes in technology for tomorrow.
  • The year also saw Tata Motors reaching the 3-million milestone in vehicles produced.
  • On July 29, 2003 the company changed its name from Tata Engineering to Tata Motors.
  • However Tata cars are oriented on middle class customers with average incomes.
  • Market opportunities for Tata in Russia.
  • Tata Motors - the best to the masses.
  • Tata’s Entry Into.
  • "Tata - the best to the Mass".




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