The diabetic diet - реферат по английскому языку



  • General Guidelines for the Diabetic Diet.
  • About The Major Nutrients In The Diabetic Diet.
  • The calorie-controlled diet may be adapted for weight reduction and weight maintenance.
  • This diet is for people who find the exchange system too confusing or restricting to follow.
  • Dietary cholesterol should be limited to 300 mg or less daily.
  • Daily consumption of 20-35 g of dietary fiber from a wide variety of foods is recommended.
  • No Concentrated Sweets, Low Fat Diet.
  • Recommend 20-35 grams/day of dietary fiber from a wide variety of foods.
  • Milk, fruit and vegetables also contribute significant amounts of carbohydrate in the diet.
  • Breads, cereals and vegetables contribute small amounts of protein in the diet.



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