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  • Much of his information for Moby-Dick comes from printed sources.
  • One final note: many editions of Moby-Dick have been printed.
  • Ishmael is skeptical, though, about assertions that Moby Dick is immortal.
  • Intertwined with Moby Dick's history is Ahab's personal history.
  • The Whiteness of the Whale turns from what Moby Dick means to Ahab, to what it means to Ishmael.
  • These chapters return us to the action of Moby-Dick.
  • The Town-Ho's Story is a story within the larger story of Moby-Dick.
  • Moby Dick snatches him in his jaws.
  • These are among the most important chapters in Moby- Dick.
  • The first thing Ahab asks, of course, is if they have seen Moby Dick.




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