Steinbeck, John. The Pearl - сочинение по прочим предметам



  • WhileKino he holds the pearls in his hand, the swelling of Coyotito’s shoulderhas gone down.
  • In the following night he is even attacked bya thief, who wants to steal the great pearl.
  • Juana believes, that the pearl is evil and wants Kino oncemore to throw it away.
  • She wants tothrow the pearl away, but Kino stops her and beats her for this attempt.
  • They walk through the town to the coast withoutspeaking to anyone and throw the pearl into the sea.
  • Kino: He is an honest and responsible man, who divesfor pearls to support his family.
  • When his son Coyotito gets ill, he hopes to find a pearl to able topay for his cure.
  • He also hopes, that such a pearl provides him and his familypeace and wealth in the future.
  • The doctor or the pearl buyers are the bestexample for such men.
  • A new day begins and Kino awakens next to his wife Juana intheir simple hut which is made of brush.



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