The new method of gas saturated oil viscosity determination - статья по английскому языку



  • Where: ?0 - viscosity of tank oil.
  • Fuks G.I. (1951) Viscosity and Plasticity of Petroleum, p.270.
  • Torov M.M. (1977) Method of calculation of physical and chemical values and applied accounts, p.263.
  • It has been found out that viscosity is completely described by the following function.
  • Where: ?P, T dynamic viscosity of hydrocarbon fluid at P,T, mPas.
  • Where: ?t- viscosity of a liquid at given temperature, mPas.
  • The values of ?0,i for natural mixed components are presented in Table 1.
  • Where: ?i - molar volume of i component.
  • Experimental Data Obtained.
  • Development of the Calculation Procedures.



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