A Comparison between Beowulf & Redcrosse Knight - доклад по прочим предметам



  • As we can see, equally Beowulf and Redcrosse Knight have a vast amount of bravery.
  • In both poems, Beowulf and Redcrosse Knight developed from heroic warriors into wise leaders.
  • Redcrosse Knight offers his services to Gloriana, Queen of Fairyland.
  • These evildoers fight Redcrosse Knight through deceit, lust, and untruth.
  • Redcrosse Knight encounters Lucifera (Queen of Hell) and the parade of vices.
  • Just as they both have similarities Redcrosse Knight has flaws as well.
  • Beowulf acted as a hero-warrior and Redcrosse as a chivalric-warrior.
  • Redcrosse must defend the natural realm of villains plus the spiritual realm of evilness.
  • In Beowulf we only hear about Wealhtheow, Hrothgar’s queen, and Grendel mother.
  • Beowulf dives into the lake (personification of hell) where Grendel’s mother is waiting to attack.



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