The Israeli-Lebanese conflict - доклад по международному праву



  • In February 1984, the Lebanese Army < collapsed, with many units forming their own militias.
  • Hezbollah requested that maps showing Israeli mines in South Lebanon be included in the deal.
  • Between July and August 2004 there was a period of more intense border conflict.
  • An armed Hezbollah was seen by the Israeli government as a contravention of the resolution.
  • [55] < The Lebanese government differed from this interpretation.
  • 1982 Lebanon war, Israeli occupation (June 6, 1982-January 1985).
  • There is no peace treaty between Israel and Lebanon.
  • Lebanon committed 1,000 of these soldiers to the cause.
  • Syrian < troops withdrew from Lebanon in April 2005.
  • On 28 May < 2006 < rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel.



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