Translation of English and Ukrainian idiomatic and stable expressions concerning the subject information - разное по литературе



  • Are the idiomatic and stable expressions concerning the subject "information" in the languages.
  • An overwhelming majority of English idiomatic expressions have similar in sense units in Ukrainian.
  • These and a lot of other stable expressions can very often be treated as standardized collocations.
  • One of the peculiar features of this type of idiomatic expressions is their international nature.
  • Their meaning can be rendered in a descriptive way too, like that of genuine idiomatic expressions.
  • Similarly translated are some Ukrainian national phraseologisms into English.
  • This is predetermined by their common source of origin in English and in Ukrainian.
  • In combination with other words it can make up a vast range of stable phrases and idioms.
  • See: Collins V.N. A Book of English Idioms.
  • Therefore, faithful translation may be achieved by different methods.



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