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  • Aristotle's mother, Phaestis, came from Chalcis in Euboea and her family owned property there.
  • When Aristotle was about ten years old his father died.
  • In 367 BC Aristotle, at the age of seventeen, became a student at Plato's Academy in Athens.
  • At the time that Aristotle joined the Academy it had been operating for twenty years.
  • When Aristotle arrived in Athens, the Academy was being run by Eudoxus of Cnidos in Plato's absence.
  • We know little regarding what Aristotle taught at the Academy.
  • All Aristotle's writings of this time strongly support Plato's views and those of the Academy.
  • Aristotle travelled from Athens to Assos which faces the island of Lesbos.
  • In Assos Aristotle was received by the ruler Hermias of Atarneus with much acclaim.
  • However, Aristotle's wife died about 10 years after their marriage.




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