Bilateral economic diplomacy between Germany and Russia - реферат по мировой экономике



  • R E V I E Weconomic diplomacy between Germany and Russia.
  • Russia sees Germany as a leading European partner, its most important one in economic terms.
  • Germany and Russia have frequent exchange of visits on the political, economic and cultural agenda.
  • His mission is to foster good and durable relations between people in Russia and Germany.
  • Russian Federation Political and Economic relations.
  • Germany also has funded the communities that remain behind in Russia.
  • Germany and Russia are co-operating in building the Nord Stream gas pipeline.
  • Germany has a heavy industry with the size and capacity to modernize infrastructure in Russia.
  • Germany was a strong supporter for Russia's participation in the Group of 8.
  • Dresdner Bank of Germany has close ties to Gazprom, by far Russia's largest industrial company.



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