Biopolitics in Russia: History and Prospects for the Future - реферат по прочим предметам



  • The history of biopolitics on the Russian soil has been short but eventful.
  • She set up a creative lab, Future of Russia, under the aegis of the City Council.
  • Dr. A. Zub gave a talk on biopolitics at one of the Seminar meetings.
  • In 1993, R. Masters published his paper on "Evolutionary Biology and the New Russia".
  • Igor K. Liseev, received Dr. Vlavainos-Arvanitis during her visits to Russia.
  • At the conferences of this organization, M. Gusev gave a number of talks on biopolitics.
  • Biopolitics and Social Technologies.
  • Instead, we will deal with a concrete map based on biopolitics.
  • Two dimensions of biopolitics are of interest in this connection.
  • The word "biopolitics" was briefly mentioned in a paper by Karimsky published before 1987.



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