Брест - реферат по географии, экономической географии



  • My native town is Brest.
  • Belarus, its western gateway.Brest is an ancient town.
  • Ipati it was mentioned in 1019 under the name of Berestye.
  • The documents say that during the Northern War Peter the I came to Brest in 1706.
  • Russian general Suvorov stayed in Kobrin where there is a museum nowadays.
  • Fortress was givven the title of Fortress-Hero.
  • Brest today is the main industrial and cultural centre of Brest region.
  • Brest is also a great transport centre and a river port.
  • In the town there are 2 Institutes, several professional schools and 35 secondary schools.
  • From year to year the town is growing and becoming more and more beautifull.



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