Idioms: differences and Usage in American English and British English - реферат по английскому языку



  • How then does American English differ from British English in the use of idioms?
  • American English adopts and creates new idioms at a much faster rate compared to British English.
  • (French was also a popular source of idioms.) Nowadays American English is in this position.
  • Some examples of these early American English idioms follow.
  • Without idioms English would lose much of its variety and humor both in speech an writing.
  • Originally, when there was only the British English form, it meant exactly the opposite.
  • The influence of American English can even be seen in other European languages.
  • So is the case with English language and idioms.
  • They are more and more based on American English.
  • This may also be the case in the development of the English language.



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