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  • Priestley was born in what he described as an "ultra-respectable" suburb of Bradford.
  • After his military service Priestley received a university education at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.
  • Priestley himself, however, was distrustful of the state and dogma.
  • His father was a teacher and his mother died young.
  • He was to draw on memories of Bradford in many of the works he wrote after he had moved south.
  • He was wounded in 1916 by mortar fire.
  • By the age of 30 he had established a reputation as a humorous writer and critic.
  • His 1927 novel Benighted was adapted into the James Whale film The Old Dark House in 1932.
  • His next novel Angel Pavement (1930) further established him as a successful novelist.
  • He moved into a new genre and became as well known as a dramatist.




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