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  • "Korea In Focus" aims to give you a brief overview to help in your general awareness of Korea today.
  • The oceans around the Peninsula are a major source of livelihood and recreation for Koreans.
  • Korea’s kindoms and dynasties generally lasted about 500 years or more.
  • The population of the Republic of Korea was estimated at 44.1 million in 1993.
  • Korean is a non-tonal language, with agglutinative and polysynthetic elements.
  • Religion in today’s Korea covers a broad spectrum of faiths and beliefs.
  • Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Islam and numerous other indigenous religions exist in Korea.
  • Ocean liners, cruise ships, and passenger-carrying freighters visit Korean ports.
  • In view of these indications, the Korean economy seems to be well on the way to revitalization.
  • Korea is committed to fulfilling its international responsibilities.



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