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  • Leonhard Euler's father was Paul Euler.
  • Euler completed his studies at the University of Basel in 1726.
  • Euler served as a medical lieutenant in the Russian navy from 1727 to 1730.
  • Katharina, like Euler, was from a Swiss family.
  • Euler's health problems began in 1735 when he had a severe fever and almost lost his life.
  • Calinger suggests that Euler's left eye became blind from a later cataract rather than eyestrain.
  • Even while in Berlin Euler continued to receive part of his salary from Russia.
  • During the twenty-five years spent in Berlin, Euler wrote around 380 articles.
  • In 1766 Euler returned to St Petersburg and Frederick was greatly angered at his departure.
  • Soon after his return to Russia, Euler became almost entirely blind after an illness.



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