The history of railways (История железных дорог) - реферат по прочим предметам



  • Britain presented the world with а complete system for the construction and operation of railways.
  • The Belgian Railways were planned by the State from the outset in 1835.
  • The Prussian State Railways began in 1850; bу the end of the year 54 miles (87 km) were open.
  • Regulation of Railways Act of 1889.
  • Monorails are railways with only one rail instead оf two.
  • While the majority of railways in Britain adopted the 4 ft 8.5 inch (1.43 m) gauge of the Stockton &.
  • Railways in wartime.
  • The first war in which railwaysfigured prominently.
  • As railways became more complicated in their system.
  • The first true mountain railways using steam.



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