The Killing of Percy Casserley - реферат по педагогике



  • It seems to be a bit strange that Ted Chaplin went to Casserley’s house with gloves on his hands.
  • The question is how could Casserley die after being shot from the jammed gun?
  • At the same time, as we all remember, Casserley was drunk.
  • In this case, even the level of alcohol in Casserley’s blood was not measured.
  • First, let’s estimate the prosecutor’s (McClure) arguments.
  • There is a slight chance of mistake in this statement but it is almost neglectible.
  • A good question is the one about the gloves.
  • The gun was found to have a defective reloading mechanism.
  • There should be no second shot at all!
  • Or maybe the gun failure took place after it was all over?



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