How do I like unusual methods of teaching? (DEAD POETS SOCIETY) - сочинение по прочим предметам



  • That’s why it’s difficult for me to talk seriously about unusual methods of teaching.
  • To protest his dismissal students stood on their desks.
  • I found the whole scene utterly false, as the movie itself.
  • A good teacher must give any student a say and give an opportunity to express himself/herself.
  • Banging on about some subject is the worst way to win students’ favor and tune them on working mood.
  • The performance is a delicate balancing act between restraint and schtick.
  • Keating is more of a plot device than a human being.
  • Then one of the other boys hits him in the jaw, to great applause from the audience.
  • It may, however, be the most shameless in its attempt to pander to an adolescent audience.



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