Application requirements of international institutions to organizations of financial monitoring /AML in Ukraine in the struggle against corruption - статья по экономической теории



  • The Law of Ukraine "On Grounds of Corruption Prevention and Counteraction" April 7, 2011 N 3206-VI.
  • Corruption ukraine crime economy.
  • In this paper the influence of corruption on Ukrainian economy is investigated.
  • Negative effects of corruption are identified.
  • Improper severity of punishment or even lack of it conducives to the growth of corruption.
  • As for Ukraine's regions so as for certain types of crime in general its number is growing.
  • In the grand corruption context, the most prevalent forms of proceeds are those arising from.
  • 1 - Crimes of organized groups and criminal organizations (material from [4]).
  • Table 2 - Statistical data of crime in sphere of economic activity in some regions of Ukraine.
  • There is the thesis in the religious traditions of Orthodoxy: repent and receive forgiveness.



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