Occurring with a writer, who write books about Australian animals - статья по английскому языку



  • And how about you, do you read books?
  • If I don't know the person on a stamp I always try to find information about him in books.
  • How a famous writer is doing?
  • And you know that recently a new book have been written by me. It is named "Australian animals".
  • (this is a name of the writer).
  • Yes, at the interval I even have got acquainted with one of them.
  • If he is casually dressed, and with a turned up nose and freckles on the face.
  • You know I’m a very busy person and read books when I have freetime.
  • In a word, what kind of books do you read or like to read at all?
  • It was nice to talk with you, thank you for so interesting conversation.



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