The lofty elevated lexicon and poetic style in the works of Samuel Johnson - диплом по английскому языку



  • SPECIALITY "Stylistics"Lofty/Elevated Lexicon and Poetic Style in the Works of Samuel Johnson.
  • Of course by means of speech influence and lofty-elevated lexicon conditioned by stylistic devices.
  • For example, the word "inspired" belongs to such lofty/elevated lexicon.
  • Lofty/elevated lexicon is defined also by means of stylistic devices used in the poetry.
  • In his poetry Samuel Johnson often uses a poetic and highly literary words.
  • To сonsider stylistic used by Samuel Johnson.
  • To analyse Samuel Johnson poems.
  • Interesting that all contradictions of his epoch were embodied in Johnson.
  • Thus we can suggest a classification of speech styles.
  • It is the functional style of speech which is used in poetry.



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