The difficulties of rendering alliteration, assonance, rhythm and rhyme in a translation of literary works - курсовая работа (Теория) по английскому языку



  • Literary works are known to fall into a number of genres.
  • They can also use alliteration to create a pleasant, rhythmic effect.
  • In this regard assonance can be understood to be a kind of alliteration.
  • Concerning this issue, I.Leviy believes that Literary Translation is a hybrid.
  • Then what is the main function of Literary Translation - to satisfy the inquisitive reader?
  • Style as a Specific Problem of Literary Translation.
  • Translation alliteration stylistic rhetoric.
  • The practice of translation is a secular human activity which goes back to the Roman Empire.
  • He points out that in translation there are procedures and principles that govern its functioning.
  • Besides verse libre itself requires sophisticated decisions and techniques in translation.



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