The role of prosody and rhythm means in the perception of English-language text - курсовая работа (Теория) по английскому языку



  • The first part is theoretical; it deals with the concepts of prosody and rhythm of English language.
  • Of the research is prosody and rhythm means in English.
  • Part 1. The Prosodic And Rhythmic Means Of English Language Speech.
  • Part 1. The Prosodic And Rhythmic Means Oflanguage Speech.
  • Among the properties of prosody they name the following: volume, speed of speech and rhythm.
  • English-language speech is characterized by uniform go of stressed syllables.
  • The next stage of work on rhythm is working on a text, as there is a rhythmic system in the text.
  • Commensurability of lines enhances their role as rhythmic units.
  • That is why poetry is a good material for the development of English rhythmic speech skills.
  • Now we turn to the analysis of rhythmic organization of a prose text.



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