Gender and age peculiarities of the language and some linguistic difficulties of translation them in practice - диплом по английскому языку



  • Linguistic peculiarities of translation of gender graded languages.
  • Linguistic gender varieties arise because ... language ... is closely related to social attitudes.
  • Bergvall, V. (1996) Rethinking Language and Gender Research: Theory and Practice, London, Longman.
  • Gender stereotyping in the linguistics is a well-established fact.
  • Furthermore, language seems to be due to something more than a desire to communicate.
  • Pupils should get to know their features, the ways of expressing them in the language.
  • Brown, P & Levinson, S. (1978) . Politeness: Some universals in language usage.
  • Crawford, M. (1995) Talking Difference: On Gender and Language, London, Sage.
  • Sociolinguistics of Language.
  • Sociolinguistics: An Introduction to Language and Society.



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