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  • Additionally, the company has trade investment in gold and insurance businesses.
  • The History and Profile of MiddleSex plc.
  • Since then, MiddleSex has remained committed to Russia and other CIS countries.
  • Success of every company lies in its people.
  • Since 1993, the main driving force behind the company has been its Chief Executive, Masoud Alikhani.
  • In October 1993, Alikhani and six Russian contacts put 370,000 into MiddleSex.
  • In 1996 another well known person in business has joint the company.
  • In august 1996, MiddleSex acquired DRI (IOM) Ltd.
  • Hence, in addition to steel products, MiddleSex also controls the exports of OEMK’s DRI pellets.
  • DRI trading is carried out through MiddleSex’s 100% owned subsidiary, Oskmet (DRI) Limited.



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