All the King’s Men - сочинение по прочим предметам



  • The result was All the King'sMen, Warren's best and most acclaimed book.
  • Jack asked Willie who he would be working for--Willie or the state.
  • Willie said he would be working for him, not the state.
  • Jack remembers picnicking with Adam and Anne Stanton, and swimming with Anne.
  • One day Jack simply gave up working on his dissertation.
  • Jack says this is like the ice breaking up after a long, cold winter.
  • That night, Jack is paged to go to the Capitol, where the vote on the tax bill is taking place.
  • Jack is working on a book about Cass Mastern, whom he believes he can finally understand.
  • Chapter 2 Summary.
  • Robert Penn Warren was one of the twentieth century's outstanding men of letters.



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