Was Poe being Ironic When He Wrote “The Black Cat”? - сочинение по прочим предметам



  • Was the author ironic when he wrote this story?
  • Do you not have a strange sensation when you read Edgar Poe?
  • The important thing is that it was a scream of a non- living being.
  • What about that black cat that was "upon the head" of the corpse?
  • Finally, is there an irony in "The Black Cat"?
  • The perception of the reality by the central character is ironic, too.
  • There are many ironies in "The Black Cat", and all of them are horrific.
  • "The Black Cat." Portable Poe.
  • A boy was reading a book.
  • He had started the work several hours earlier, and just was not able to put the stories aside.



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