Lexicology. Word structure in Modern English - статья по прочим предметам



  • The morphological structure of a word.
  • Structural types of words.
  • Derivational types of words.
  • Anglo-Saxon; Afr- in Afro-Asian are all bound roots as there are no identical word-forms.
  • According to the number of morphemes words can be classified into monomorphic and polymorphic.
  • Monomorphic or root-words consist of only one root-morpheme, e.g. small, dog, make, give, etc.
  • But we cannot fail to perceive that root-words occupy a predominant place.
  • Root- words also serve as parent forms for all types of derived and compound words.
  • All the time the analysis is based on the patterns characteristic of the English vocabulary.
  • Pseudo- morphemes of the same kind are also encountered in words like rusty-fusty.



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