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  • These are, first of all developing State Educational Standards Projects.
  • In the period of crisis enterprises can't show great demand for educational services.
  • Omsk State University was founded in 1974 by a special decision of the Party leaders in Moscow.
  • By that time Omsk had become the second (after Novosibirsk) industrial center of Siberia.
  • Due to this they attracted progressive-minded scholars and free-thinking students.
  • Nothing similar to reports from American University teachers or Deans exists there.
  • The system of Standards is also being critisized.
  • Like in many other cases the Russian reform has stopped half-way.
  • In the case of Omsk State University this norm is about 600 full-time students annually.
  • The University had four bank accounts, the main account control including 18 positions.



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