Christmas in Britain (Рождество в Британии) - доклад по английскому языку



  • In Great Britain the Christmas tree became popular when Queen Victoria used it.
  • So Christmas is a merry family holiday for all the people of Great Britain.
  • Christmas Day , December 25,is probably the most popular holiday in Great Britan.
  • The Christmas trees are always decorated with fairy lights, angels and small toys.
  • Besides the Christmas tree, holly and mistletoe are used to decorate the house.
  • It is said that the girl who was not kissed under it at Christmas would not get married that year.
  • Carol singing is an essential part of Christmas.
  • Carols appeared in Christmas history about the fifteenth century.
  • A typical Christmas lunch includes turkey with cranberry sauce and pudding.
  • Christmas In Britan.



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