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  • The definition of nouns on the top of this page is thus a formal definition.
  • However, it has the disadvandage that it does not apply to nouns in all languages.
  • There are also several attempts of defining nouns in terms of their semantic properties.
  • The existence of such general nouns shows us that nouns are organized in taxonomic hierarchies.
  • So the definition is not particularly helpful in distinguishing nouns from other parts of speech.
  • Another semantic definition of nouns is that they are prototypically referential.
  • [4] That definition is also not very helpful in distinguishing actual nouns from verbs.
  • The British logician Peter Thomas Geach proposed a very subtle semantic definition of nouns.
  • Proper nouns (also called proper names) are the names of unique entities.
  • For example, "Janet", "Jupiter" and "Germany" are proper nouns.



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