Old and new wedding customs and traditions in Great Britain and the USA - курсовая работа (Теория) по культурологии



  • There are a lot of different customs and traditions in Great Britain and in the USA.
  • Wedding in Great Britain is one of the oldest customs.
  • Up until the early 1990's, it was very difficult to get married in Great Britain.
  • There are practically no special customs attached to weddings at a registry office.
  • Customs and traditions vary, but common components are listed below.
  • An American wedding does not follow any rigid customs; it is more of wedding of personal preference.
  • In the second chapter we told about American wedding traditions.
  • We carefully studied the oldest traditions and compared them with nowadays wedding.
  • Павлоцкий В.М. "Great Britain^ Monarchy, history, culture", изд.
  • Marriage Ceremony In Great Britain.



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