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  • Actual start of the Olympic Games belongs to the 776 BC. and were established by Heracles.
  • But the tradition was initiated at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936.
  • The motto was represented at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924.
  • The idea of reviving the Olympic Games in Greece belonged to the poet Panagiotis Sutsosu.
  • The most simple and fast to achieve these goals and objectives was to revive the Olympic Games.
  • They remained until the end of the Olympic Games I in 1896.
  • But not everything went smoothly, and evolved in the history of the modern Olympic Games.
  • Therefore, at the Olympic Games in 1906 in Athens (Greece) again came out on top.
  • Concept of the Olympic Games come to us from ancient Greece.
  • Flame - this is one of the main symbols of the Olympic Games.



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