Разработка урока и теста по страноведению США - лекция по педагогике



  • The lesson is intended for 45-50 minutes duration.
  • Dialogs are supposed to be improvised by pupils in course of the lesson.
  • The British were to find that 1775 was to be a disastrous year.
  • '...blows must decide whether they are to be subject to this country or independent.
  • He was instructed to arrest the leaders of the provincial Congress.
  • The shot was followed by two British volleys and the militia scattered.
  • Concord was not such an easy proposition.
  • In fact, no one was scalped and no ears were cropped.
  • The acts sparked new resistance up and down the coast.
  • The lesson can be concluded by writing a brief essay on the discussed events.



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