Analyses and origin of Trait theory of leadership, its strengths and weaknesses and the pre-conditions for its effective use - реферат по психологии



  • And Analysis And Pre -conditions For Effective Use Of Trait Theory.
  • The manager can figure out their strengths and weaknesses if it scrutinizes his traits.
  • The Trait theory of leadership insists on traits and nature of leader.
  • Only trait theory of leadership can make claim to provide satisfactoriness.
  • Trait theory of leadership is suitable for both groups and individuals.
  • Trait theory of leadership is very complicated.
  • This theory tells that leadership traits are inherited and connected to personal characteristics.
  • In spite of the weaknesses, this theory gives a lot of information regarding leaders and leadership.
  • (2014) . Trait Theory of Leadership.
  • Theory of leadership concentrates on leader, not essentially on the conditions or followers.



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