Ecological problems in big cities, particular in Moscow. How can a contradiction between the technological progress and ecology be solved from my point of view? - статья по прочим предметам



  • In my research work I shall try to meet you with the ecology of Moscow.
  • And I will also tell you my point of view on it.
  • What do you think must be done to make the ecological situation of Moscow better?
  • Condition of health of the Moscow citizen.
  • Now it is one of the largest cities in the world with the population more than 9’000’000 of people.
  • The main problem of Moscow is the pollution of air.
  • 94% of all machines are not equipped with special filters to protect environment from harmful gases.
  • Whether there is an exit from this situation?
  • The Moscow government has developed the new program.
  • Moscow new roads and high ways will be constricted.



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