The basic principles of regulation by safety of economy - статья по экономической теории



  • Economy safety taxe wage.
  • N.A. Lebedkin, academician on ecology and safety of ability to live in extreme situations.
  • Whether the prices should be adjusted by the state or carry spontaneous character?
  • The essence of national idea of the current moment, on our sight, consists in the following.
  • For this reason it is represented to most expedient not selective, but their complex decision.
  • It proves to be true by the following data of official statistics, tab.
  • The note: on the data of Institute of socio economic problems of the population of WOUNDS.
  • Note: the items of information, specified in tab.
  • 72,4 74,5 71,4 36,7.
  • 72,2 74.9 70,9 39.



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