Lingual-Stylistic Peculiarities of Poetic Works of English Romanticism - курсовая работа (Теория) по английскому языку



  • Peculiarities Of The Use Of Stylistic Devices In The Works Of Romantic Poets.
  • The Poetical Works of Lord Byron.
  • Value of English Romanticism can be hardly ever overestimated.
  • 1 Stylistic analysis of Lord Byrons works Destruction of Sennacherib, Prometheus, Darkness.
  • Peculiarities of Style of the works of Romantic Poets.
  • 2 Stylistic analysis of Shellys works Adonais.
  • And, of course, it represents a wonderful field for stylistic analysis.
  • Byron doesnt use complex stylistic devices to describe the scene.
  • Not all streams of Romanticism were the same.
  • Galperin I.R. "Stylistics" "Moscow Higher School", 1977.



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