How "DNA" testing works - реферат по английскому языку



  • The governors of the other states that allow the death penalty apparently think it works adequately.
  • DNA testing will help.
  • The tools for solving rapes and murders have improved rapidly.
  • Five years ago DNA tests couldn’t link suspects to hair or semen found on a victim.
  • Today a crime lab can identify unique DNA patterns in a tiny sample of just 100 to 200 cells.
  • Every cell is a unique library of DNA sequences.
  • The goal is to find out if the forensic and suspect’s samples match.
  • A sample mixed with 13 primers multiplies into millions of distinctive molecules.
  • Exposed to an electrical current, the molecules a sorted into color-coded bands on a gel.
  • If samples do, odds that they’re from one person are overwhelming.



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