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  • Give the account of the importance of the surrounding seas to Great Britain.
  • Describe the main features of the coastline of Great Britain.
  • South-West Peninsula of Great Britain includes the counties of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.
  • The greatest annual rainfall recorded in Britain was 6,527 mm at Sprinkling Tarn (Cumbria) in 1954.
  • Which areas of Britain have the greatest mean annual temperature range, and which areas the least?
  • About 14 per cent of non-married men and women aged 16 and over in Great Britain are cohabiting.
  • Most of the public housing in Great Britain is provided by local housing authorities.
  • Banking, finance and insurance accounted for 13 per cent of employment in Great Britain in 1994.
  • Highland and Lowland Britain.
  • Discuss the evidence which suggests that Britain is geologically part of the continent of Europe.



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