Climate and Weather in Great Britain (Климат и погода в Великобритании) - сочинение по географии, экономической географии



  • It is frequently said that Great Britain does not experience climate, but only weather.
  • Weather is not the same as climate.
  • The weather of the British Isles is greatly variable.
  • Britain’s climate is dominated by the influence of the sea.
  • Britain seems to have a great deal of rain because there are so many showers.
  • The weather at a place is the state of the atmosphere there at a given time or over a short period.
  • N is a basic factor in determining the main characteristics of the climate.
  • No place in Britain is more than 120 km from the sea.
  • This is their climate.
  • The most remarkable feature of English weather, the London fog, has as exaggerated reputation.



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