The history of grammatical study of the English language - курсовая работа (Теория) по английскому языку



  • The regular grammatical study of our language is a thing of recent origin.
  • And yet of all these, the proper study of English grammar is the true foundation.
  • In books of criticism, our language is already more abundant than any other.
  • What such a man, or such a neighbourhood, may think of English grammar, I shall not stop to ask.
  • Natural Language Parsing.
  • The Computational Analysis of English.
  • Natural Language Processing in POP-11.
  • Brill, E. and Mooney, R. J. (1997) , ‘An overview of empirical natural language processing', in.
  • Georgiev, H. (1991) , 'English Algorithmic Grammar', in.
  • Softhesaurus, English Electronic Lexicon.



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