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  • Galileo Galilei's parents were Vincenzo Galilei and Guilia Ammannati.
  • Galileo was their first child and spent his early years with his family in Pisa.
  • In 1572, when Galileo was eight years old, his family returned to Florence, his father's home town.
  • Galileo returned to Florence for the summer vacations and there continued to study mathematics.
  • Galileo used parallax arguments to prove that the New Star could not be close to the Earth.
  • We mentioned above an error in Galileo's theory of motion as he set it out in De Motu around 1590.
  • However Galileo already knew that a body would fall in the observed manner on a rotating Earth.
  • Other observations made by Galileo included the observation of sunspots.
  • Although Galileo put forward many revolutionary correct theories, he was not correct in all cases.
  • Castelli had been a student of Galileo's and he was also a supporter of Copernicus.




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