Great Britain during and after the Napoleonic wars - реферат по истории



  • Great Britain after Waterloo.
  • The period from 1799 to 1815 is often referred to as the "Napoleonic Wars".
  • That was the time when Great Britain had to fight a lot, and had to recover from fighting.
  • Great Britain, as the most of the European nations, was engaged into the set of conflicts.
  • At first the war did not go well for Britain.
  • In 1802 Britain had to make peace with Napoleon at Amiens, The Treaty of Amiens was a mere truce.
  • The battle began shortly before noon and ended late in the afternoon.
  • The British naval victory under Horatio Nelson saved Britain from invasion.
  • The great naval battle of 1805 is recorded in the name of Trafalgar Square in London.
  • Britain replied with a blockade.



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