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  • Hamburg was the Beatles' baptism by fire.
  • One more major change was in the offing before the Beatles made their Parlophone debut.
  • This would be under another name, though:: The Beatles.
  • Back in Liverpool, The Beatles were hired to play the "lunch shift" on a little club, "The Cavern".
  • In 1957 Paul joined Quarrymen, in 1960 re-named in Beatles.
  • Within a year after the Beatles' break-up, McCartney had formed Wings.
  • Through this group, George met Pete Best, future drummer for the Beatles.
  • At this point, history gets a little shaky with contradictory accounts.
  • By August 1962, Pete Best was out, Ringo Starr was in, and the Beatles were born.
  • It was the first solo album by a Beatle, and the first album issued on the Beatles' Apple label.



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