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  • "History And Mystery Of The English Words" Борисова Л.М.
  • The English got their calendar from the Romans.
  • The English people adopted the Gregorian Calendar in 1752.
  • So, the Indo-European base "me-" came into Old English, and became "mona".
  • Still later the English people dropped the "a" and called it "month".
  • The Modem English names for the months of the year all come from the Latin.
  • But before the English people adopted the Latin names they had their native names.
  • Now, the Old English had its own name for January.
  • Before the English adopted the Latin name, they called this month "Sprate-Kale-Month".
  • The Old English name for March was "Hlyd-Monath", which means "the month of noisy winds".



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