10-th century in English history - реферат по истории



  • The Kingdom of Wessex had by now become what was later termed the Old English Monarchy.
  • The government changed greatly and so did the English society.
  • It was the first time in history and probably the last one, when the bishops paid the monarch.
  • And, as it all goes in history, three days later after his death Thomas Becket was canonized.
  • The incident sparkled a pogrom in London and Jews were routed out for a century out of London.
  • The church in the mid IXth century.
  • The scheme was healed, although Edgar also became King of Wessex on Edwin’s death in 959.
  • And, of course, it became a tempting price to foreign rulers.
  • The peace and untiy of England was not to survive Edgar’s death in 975.
  • The reason was that his both sons were too young to rule.



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